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Narrative Designer | Programmer


"People's Choice" - The Rookies, Console and PC - 2019


"Best In Show" - SCAD Savannah Global Game Jam - 2019


"Best in Georgia" - Georgia Game Developers Association - 2019

I served as the Lead Narrative Designer, with a secondary role as a Programmer, for the award-winning co-op puzzle/action game Cor Domus, developed by Bunch of Witches

Cor Domus was developed in Unity over the course of roughly five months. I was responsible for the narrative direction of the game, as well as ensuring all design, gameplay, and aesthetic elements of the game worked together to serve the emotional and thematic through-line of the experience. I was also heavily involved in the early production of the game as a Programmer, primarily responsible for coding the behaviors of obstacles and puzzle assets in C#.


Cor Domus is a narrative co-op puzzle/action game developed by Bunch of Witches. The game follows the story of two lost souls who come together to undertake a perilous journey. Cor Domus attempts to explore themes of love and relationships through a wordless, emotional cooperative experience.


Originally created as a part of the 2019 Global Game Jam, where it won Best In Show at the SCAD Savannah jam site, Cor Domus has been reworked, rebuilt, and expanded from the ground up as a full game experience.

[ original Global Game Jam trailer ]

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